An avid reader, Lauren Gilbert was introduced to English authors early in life.  She has a bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts English with a minor in Art History.  A long time member of JASNA, she has presented a number of programs at local meetings and at the Annual General Meeting in 2011. She lives in Florida with her husband.  Long fascinated by English history, particularly the Georgian and Regency eras, her novels are set in the Regency era.

Lauren Gilbert’s first novel, HEYERWOOD, is still in print.  Her second, A RATIONAL ATTACHMENT was released December of 2019.  Both novels can be found in print and e-book formats via Barnes and Nobel, Amazon, the Book Depository, AuthorHouse, Bookshop.org and others.

A Rational Attachment cover from Amazon

Also available:

Final Front Cover

Castles, Customs, and Kings


Castles Customs and Kings Vol 2 cover

Castles, Customs and Kings, Volume II

Both feature non-fiction articles by writers of the English Historical Fiction Authors group, including Lauren. 

Lauren is currently working on a non-fiction book for Pen & Sword Books Ltd, due in 2023.

7 responses to “About

  1. I love your site (saw post with your link on Writers Network). Feels like stepping into an old English study. I wouldn’t be surprised to look over my shoulder and see a butler hovering patiently with a tea tray!

  2. Hi Lauren, good choice in site template and your customisation suits your subject matter, brilliant. Good luck with your book. 🙂

  3. LaurenG

    Thanks, John! I appreciate your kind words!

  4. thevanbrown

    Nice blog Lauren, Best wishes to you, and to your book. I suspect you will be successful with it.

  5. Tweeted this so people could connect with your book and your blog.

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