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A Visit to the Seaside: Worthing

The pier, Worthing, England-Print No. 11333-Between 1890-1900-Wikimedia Commons-Public Domain

As we ease into spring and then summer, people start thinking of vacations. What could be better than a trip to the beach? During the Georgian era, watering places became popular destinations year round because of the possible health benefits of taking the waters and sea bathing. Where did people go? There were a number of popular spas and watering places; one of these was Worthing, on the Sussex coast of Great Britain, which has a fascinating history. My blog about Worthing is up on the English Historical Fiction Authors blog. Here’s a snippet:

Located on the coast in West Sussex, Worthing is between 50-60 miles south of London, and 10-12 miles west of Brighton and Hove (depending on routes taken).  It has a long and fascinating history.

Stone Age people were in the area approximately 60,000 years ago. By the New Stone Age or Neolithic era (between about 4000 BCE to about 2000BCE), Worthing was the centre of flint mining; Romans also settled the area.  The Iron Age (about 750 BCE-about 43 AD) hillfort Cissbury Ring is the largest hill fort in Sussex, and the 2nd largest in England.  It contains one of the Neolithic flint mines found in the area.

To read more about Worthing, and its development, please visit https://englishhistoryauthors.blogspot.com/2022/04/a-visit-to-seaside-worthing.html

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