Autumn Thoughts

It is a gorgeous morning, sunny and warm, here in Florida. However, today I am feeling fall in the air. This has been a domestic morning, with laundry and so forth. I have prepared a crockpot full of vegetable soup for dinner, full of fresh corn, squash and other wonderful vegetables, as well as my own fresh herbs. I think we’ll have some homemade garlic bread with it. Even though the temperature may say it’s still summer here, I know that it is a beautiful autumn!

Carrying on my autumnal theme, I feel a re-read of PERSUASION coming on! PERSUASION is my favorite of Jane Austen’s novels. It is her last completed novel, and it opens near the fall of the year. Her heroine, Anne Elliot, is a wonderful character. She is older than Austen’s heroine’s, and is definitely feeling that she is approaching the autumn of her life. As the book proceeds through the seasons, we watch Anne’s life unfold. It is a delightful read, especially at this time of year. Somehow I always reach for it when I first feel that fall feeling in the air!

What is your autumn reading choice?



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4 responses to “Autumn Thoughts

  1. Sophia Rose

    I usually read whatever is next on my TBR list, but I usually pick one of my historical mystery authors as I seemed to be in the mood for that each year.

    Persuasion is my favorite Austen too and I love how Anne quotes poetry when they go on their fall walk.

  2. I’ve been enjoying Georgette Heyer’s mysteries. I’m reading The Toll Gate right now.

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